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Small hairs
He said all cells come from other cells
Long, whiplike structures used for movement
Double membrane that surrounds the nucleus is called the nuclear ___
Cells that contain internal membrane-bound parts
Contains DNA, the genetic material of the cell
Apparatus that packages proteins and lipids
Tiny organelles, the site of protein synthesis
Protein fibers that form a framework inside the cell
Said all animals are made of cells
A membrane-bound fluid-filled sac
Outer boundary, protects and supports plant cells is called the cell
A group of organs that work together is called an organ
Digests excess or worn out cell parts
A group of cells that perform a particular function
He named the units he saw in cork "cells"
Made up of 2 or more tissues functioning together
Substance found in plant cell walls (polysaccharide)
Transports materials through the cytoplasm (abbreviation)
Cells that lack membrane-bound structures
Nuclear region that produces ribosomes
Type of membrane that controls what enters and leaves a cell
Contains chlorophyll, site of photosynthesis
He described living cells through many microscopes
Clear fluid between the nucleus and the plasma membrane
He said all plants are made of cells
Site of respiration, releases energy in the cell
A single celled organism
Control center of the cell
The basic unit of all living things