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Cell Analogy

Annie Carretta
Room #128
Stores materials like you store food in your cabinets
Small round cell structures that break down food particles like cleaning supplies break down messes and clean then up
Thin flexible barrier around the cell. Paint on the wall in a house is like the cell membrane as its like a thin layer.
Control center of the cell is like the control panel in the house.
Nucleus contains coded instructions for making protein and other molecules like Fingerprints in your house
This organelle is like solar panels that create energy from the Sun's heat
Where proteins are made like a dinner table in a cell because that is where proteins are consumed and turned into muscles in the body
Tiny Cavity filled with fluid in the cytoplasm of a cell. Like a refrigerator because that is where food is stored
This maintains the shape of the cell like the walls of the house maintain the shape of the house
This modifies, sorts and packages protein found throughout the cytoplasm like a washer and dryer in a house...the dirty clothes are the beginning product
Passageways in which proteins are carried from one part of the cell to another like a hallway in a house
Organelle found in cells of plants that captures sunlight and converts to energy like solar panels on a house
Region of the cell between the cell membrane and nucleus. Dry wall in the house would be just like cytoplasm in a cell because that is the area between two different things
Powerhouse of the cell. Like mom and dad would be the power house of the house because they control everything everyone does
Maintains the DNA and type of cell like blueprints of a house maintain the information and type of house