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Spanish sports

People who do this are riding a bike
Baseball players wear this on their hand
Opposite of a couch potato
People cheering in the stands
This person makes sure that the game is fair
If this happens, no one wins
Volleyball players hit across this
Athletes wear this to protect their head
This means you eat healthy
A man or woman who is sporty
If you are this, you probably should not be in track
An example of this is the tree pose
If you win this, you are the champion
If you lift weights, you become this
You hit this
If you win, you may get one of these
People do this to stay in shape
People run on this
Players on a team all wear the same one of these
Wrestlers try to do this
If you want to play a sport at school, you would have to play on one of these
If you are this, you will win the race
If you play soccer, you try to do this
Softball players hit with this
Different schools compete at these