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Gospel of John

Jesus is a Philosopher-King rather than this
I am Ch. 8
Literary device throughout gospel
I am Ch. 11
Man healed in Chapter 9
Number of signs and discourses
Place from which Johannine community was expelled
Location of Jesus' first miracle
Nationality of writer of John
Number of thousand fed
Literary device in prologue
Where he trod in 6.15-21
Raised in Chapter 11
Term for the other 3 gospels
Son healed in 4.46-54
I am ch. 14
Generation of Christians hearing John's gospel
John 1.1-18
I am Ch. 10
Cognitive paradigm of High Christology
Teaching method absent in John
High Christology
Chapters 7-12 is Book of
I am Ch. 6
I am Ch. 15
Jews' creative word of YHWH
I am Ch. 10
Eschatology in John
Chapters 1-12is Book of