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Ch. 6 Culture and Language

Whorf observed that a language spoken by the ____ Native Americans represents a view of reality that is dramatically different from that of more familiar tongues.
______is a way of using correct grammar as a way of defining social positions in some cultures.
In ____ context culture self expression is valued.
The worldview of a culture is shaped and reflected by the language it's members speak. This is known as ________________.
_______is a way of using language that is casually friendly and does not reflect a series of relational hierarchies in a particular culture.
The best-known declaration of linguistic relativity is the Sapir Whorf __________.
U.S. is known as a ____ context culture.
_____________ is most extreme in cultures where silence is valued.
A culture that values using language to maintain social harmony is a _____ context culture.
No= ____ in high context culture.
Hopi language represents the world more like a ______ picture.
This country is known for high context culture.