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The Speckled Band Continued

The state of being confused
to waste time or move slowly.
threatening evil, harm; ominous
containing error; mistaken; incorrect
To happen or occur
incapable of being upset or agitated; not easily excited
take from one place to another; transported
real; actual; not vague.
extremely serious; grave
a gap made in a wall, fortification, line of soldiers, etc.; rift; fissure.
a small amount or share
to exert oneself to do something; make an effort
a mirage in which objects below the horizon seem to be raised above their true positions.
to cause to vanish; alleviate
pretend; make believe; a false showing of something
a moral or ethical consideration or standard that acts as a restraining force or inhibits certain actions.
contemptuously rude or impertinent behavior or speech.
having a strong feeling of opposition, antipathy