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Flower Parts

slender stalk that connects the stigma and the ovary
The end of the stamen that holds pollen
The female part of the plant
Holds the flower parts
the process by which green plants and some other organisms use sunlight to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water
Turns into the first root and stem
Main food producing organ in the plant
Brightly colored leaf that attracts pollinators
Male flower part
The cell that makes seeds
The plant part that collects the pollen
Holds the leaves and carries water and nutrients to the plant
I keep plants in place and bring water to plant
a fine powdery substance typically yellow
is the process where plants absorb water through the roots and then give off water vapor through pores in their leaves
is a significant part of the embryo within the seed of a plant
Holds the anther
Protects the seed cell
enclosing the petals and typically green and leaflike