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Glorious Geography Vocab

Mapping the Way Across the World!
Characteristics of a place that are related to people; these might include buildings or parks.
The people living in a particular region; especially, the total number of people in an area.
A series of imaginary lines, also called parallels, that circle the Earth parallel to the Equator; used to measure a distance north or south of the Equator in degrees.
The location of a place as described by the places near it.
The exact position of a place on Earth.
A series of imaginary lines, also called meridians, that run north and south, from one pole to the other; used to measure the distance east or west of the Prime Meridian in degrees.
An area with low population density such as a village or the countryside.
The movement of people from one country or region to another in order to make a new home.
A social, political, economic, or environmental force that drives people from a location.
The natural features of Earth, such as land formations or vegetation zones.
The section of a map that explains the symbols for the map features.
A map feature that usually shows the four cardinal directions.
A social, political, economic, or environmental attraction to a new area that draws people from a previous location.
An area with high population density, such as a city or town.
A unit of measure used to determine absolute location; on globes and maps, lines of latitude and longitude are measured in degrees.