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Ancient Greece 2016

a person competing with another person for the same objective
a system by which a group of people organize themselves and make rules to control their behavior
Draco had laws to prevent this activity, which people sometimes do today at Starbucks!
people who have the right to participate in government
a period of time that is marked by numerous great achievements
a group of people gathered together in one place for a common purpose
"Let's go pray to Athena"
ancient Athens, for example
a system of government in which a single person has power
a modern day analogy for a city-state
rich landowners with lots of power
Italy, Greece, Florida, and Baja
the way that people express their opinions in a democracy
the kind of democracy we use in the United States
He believed that participating in government is just as important as defending one's country
Syria's Assad, for example
Democracy's daddy!
He wondered: "What is the purpose of government?"
He wondered: "From where does knowledge come?"
he was a famous tyrant in ancient Athens ... you DON'T need to be able to spell his name for tomorrow's quiz
the tools and knowledge that humans use to solve problems and make their lives easier
they were excluded from voting in ancient Athens; Hatshepsut would not have been pleased
another name for the aristocrats; Cleisthenes thought this group had too much power
a city and the surrounding agricultural land and neighborhoods
the name for a group that decides a court case (see page 239)
In Greece, more than 200 of them are inhabited