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The Study of JOHN

Look, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the .........
Robber released
Where was Jesus crucified?
JOHN'S baptismal site
The shortest sentence in the Bible is :Jesus .......
Annas father in law
In the world we will have much......
Future island of the Disciple Jesus loved
Day Jesus fulfilled his promise and empowered his disciples.
The Son can only do what he sees His ........ doing
In the beginning was the ........
If you love Jesus, you are to keep his
Act of love or betrayal
Writing inspired by God
Another name for Thomas
This man man an inquiry of Jesus at night and later helped in his burial.
Jesus gave the dipped bread to this man.
Jesus would have given the woman this water
"Can any good thing come out of ......?"
God did not send His Son into the world to do this
Who anointed the feet of Jesus with oil
The first woman to meet Jesus when He arrived at Bethany
The act of giving thanks, honor and to show our love for God is to .......
Washing or immersion
John the Baptist came as a ......?
Pilate's palace residence in Jerusalem.
JESUS Conquered death by his ....
Bread of Life food provision from the Old Testament
This transportable ten manifested God's dwelling
Where Christ would come from
What is the pool in Jerusalem called?
How many Mary's were at the cross?
Jesus made this to drive the moneychangers and merchants from the temple
"THY WORD IS ...."
Where did Jesus change water into wine?
A man and a nation
Location of the first miracle?
What did Jesus anoint the blind man's eyes with?
First disciple to be called by Jesus?
After everyone ate their fill, how many baskets of bread and fish were left over?
Questions from the study of ..........