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Author: santa's helper
What was Rudolph's girlfriends name
Green villain's dog's name
Name of the bunny on Frosty
They pull Santa's sleigh
The name of the jack in the box
Who was the dentist on Rudolph
Who is bumble
Led the wisemen to Bethleham
What Frosty is made of
Who is made of snow
Frost's nose is a
Name of the abominable snow monster
Frosty rode in this to the north pole
What Frosty said when he came to life
Left out for Santa to eat
Where Santa's workshop is
Where Rudolph was sent
Makes a tree sparkle
Who is the green nasty villain od whosville
Can go on top of a tree
What did the misfit cowboy ride
Professor Hinkle wanted what back from Frosty
Man in red suit
Who is the red nose reindeer
Name of long eared donkey