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Chemistry In Biology:Sections 1 and 2 Vocab

Atom that has lost or gained one or more electrons
Starting substances, left side of arrow
Center of the atom
Specific location where a substrate binds on an enzyme
Minimum amount of energy needed for reactants to form products
Biological catalysts that speed up the rate of chemical reactions
Attractions between molecules
Pure substance formed when two or more different elements combine
The reactants that bind to an enzyme
Pure substance that cannot be broken down into other substances by physical or chemical means
Formed during the reaction, right side of arrow
Atoms of the same element that have the same # of protons and electrons but different number of neutrons
Building blocks of matter
Process by which atoms or groups of atoms in substances are reorganized into different substances
Substance that lowers the activation energy needed to start a chemical reaction
Chemical bond that forms when electrons are shared
A compound in which the atoms are held together by covalent bonds
Negatively charged particles
Electrical attraction between two oppositely charged atoms
Particles with no charge
Positively charged particles