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World Geography: Chapters 5 (1-4) & 6 (1-2)

An area of land that is neither too hot nor too cold
A chain of islands
Not active, such as a volcano that is not likely to erupt
Heat from inside earth
A climate that is hot all year round and has a wet and a dry season
An area of land at a high altitude with a cold average temperature
A large area of land that is not an island
A tropical storm with strong winds, heavy rainfall, and huge waves
A person who has both native and European ancestors
An area of land at a low altitude with a hot average temperature
A law or act that limits imports or puts special taxes on them
A chain of islands made up of coral
Off or away from land in water
A thick area of trees in the Tropics where a great deal of rain falls
A person who is related to a certain group of people
The land, often islands and coastal plains, around the edge of an area
A stretch of lowlands between mountains
A crop raised to be sold by those who grow it
A body of water that is deep and wide enough for ships to sail on
How high above the sea level a place is