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Government health insurance for those over 65 years of age.
To having more than one spouse at the same time.
Legitimate power that is obeyed because people believe it is right and proper that they obey.
Learned behavior involving how we are expected to act as males and females in society.
Is a group of people who are believed to be a biological group sharing genetically transmitted traits that are defined as important.
The means of economic and distribution are privately held; the profit motive is the primary force guiding people's economic behavior; and there is free competition among both producers and consumers of goods.
The biological role that each of us plays, such as in reproduction.
To have only one spouse at time.
The systematic, formal process through which specialized teachers transmit skills, knowledge, and values to students.
An uneven distribution of the resources available.
The study of ethical questions that relate to the life and biological well-being of people.
A feeling that one is powerless to control one's surroundings and that what one does has little meaning or purpose.
Economies in which the means of production and distribution are collectively held so that the goods and services that people need are provided and equitably distributed.
The view that certain racial or ethnic groups are biologically inferior and that practices involving their domination and exploitation are therefore justified.
People's ideas about what is good or bad, right or wrong.