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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

What Rowley and Greg learn to do for a sport.
The main characters brother.
The band Rodrick plays in.
What Greg and Rowley join and help the kindergarteners.
People that attack Greg and Rowley
The person who chased Greg with a booger.
A holiday that Greg gets few presents he likes on.
The main characters best friend.
The nickname Manny has for Greg.
The name of the person that Rowley becomes friends with
The people who make them eat moldy cheese.
What happens to Rowley when him and Greg are playing with a football
The name of a comic Rowley wrote.
The main idea of the book.
A holiday celebrated in October that they were celebrating.
A person Rowley looks up to.
The main character.
What Greg writes this book in.
A food that causes many problems in this story.
Gregs younger brother.