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Teacher: Jim Pauff
Self-disclosure normally occurs in _____, over time, although some people self-disclosure everything about themselves in order to be liked.
Studies show that marriages where partners are too different in personality ends in this.
People with this sort of self-esteem most admire people they consider "perfect."
The strongest reason why we feel comfortable around a person.
Another term for "blank slate."
According to research, the initial reason we form a relationship with a stranger.
A fundamental element of relationships of all kinds.
We ______ forgive incompetent people their faults.
If you know a lot about a person's life but not much about the deeper details, you know them in _______.
It is impossible to have a ________ without self-disclosing.
Social exchange theory says humans are always calculating the rewards minus _______ of a relationship.
A reason to respect and like flawed administrators.
When we want to be attached to another but at the same time want our freedom, we want the opposites of connection and _______.
_______ attraction is when we like someone who obviously likes us.
A trend that makes staying too close to your own "kind" dangerous.
Opposite sorts of people have meaningful and lasting relationship IF their personalities _____ one another
We _____ people who _____ us.
People with this are more likely to admire individuals despite their flaws.
The safest number to self-disclose to.
We feel comfortable with others if we are alike in key _______.
The reason you form a relationship with another you work with.
To truly ______ someone you must know their breadth and depth.