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6th Grade Crossword

HAPPENING QUICKLY, suddenly or unexpectedly
Suited for a particular occasion or something enjoys the benefits of good fortune
To continuously do something without stopping
Anything which displays absolute happiness or to anyone who looks extremely happy
Is agreement compatibility or harmony
Inability to do something successfully
Something that is unbearable or not able to be endured
Done in a strict, sharp or bleak way.
The feeling that is a person or a thing is beneath consideration, worthless, or deserving scorn
To become like others or help another person to adapt to a new environment
Rendered motionless by completely focused attention, rapt, entranced
Small amount of something or a superficial knowledge of something
To cause someone to have long lasting annoyance anger or irritation
In a quick or busy manner
A dent or rough hole, defined as to create a dent or disfiguring hole OR to cheat someone
Things happening at the same time
Done in a way that is undisciplined, reckless or malicious
Swell outward or to move or rise up as if caused by waves
Something done in a way to show anger or in a feeling of unjust treatment
Wet and limp, unkempt, decaying, decrepit or dilapidated
A quick or witty reply or to come back in a witty or sarcastic way
Magnificent, costly, highly expensive
To make a deceptive or distracting unit, typically during a fight