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Astronomy Crossword Puzzle

by Caterina Pica
This planet's day is longer than its year
_______ creators are left by meteorites
The color shift that no galaxies show on spectroscopes
This is the largest planet
What a meteoroid is called whiles going through the atmosphere
_______'s law says that nearby galaxies are moving away from us slowly
The study of outer space
The _________ universe theory says that the universe will continue to expand forever
This word means moon
This instrument breaks up incoming starlight into a spectrum of color
To turn
Reflected sunlight
The Earth is tilted toward the sun during the _______
This star is small, but dense
A type of oval that is the shape of all planets's orbit
This planet is sometimes called "the red planet"
This planet is the closest to the sun
_______ fusion is the energy producing reaction that occurs in the sun creating the released heat and light
The number of times light can go around the earth in one second
This planet could float if it was in water
The types of planets are the terrestrial and _________ planets
This planet is pale blue and has high winds
Our sun is a (this size) star
All matter has this force
Ceres, Pluto, and Eris are all _____ planets
This color star burns at 35,000 degrees celsius
_____ stars can burn for 100 billion years
The "flatness" of an ellipse
To travel around
You should NEVER look at this type of eclipse
We live on this planet
These have a solid core surrounded by ice
A cluster of stars that make up a large group
The theory of how the solar system formed
This planet rotates sideways
Our sun has the luminosity of ____