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Chemistry of Life

Discover Biology, 5th Ed., C5
Molecule of 2 fatty acids tails joined to glycerol & a phosphate head
Lipids with 4 linked hydrocarbon rings
Type of bond in which electrons are shared
Same element with different masses
Destruction of protein's 3D shape
Polysaccharide providing support in plants
Linkage between amino acids
Sugars & their polymers
Hydrophilic compound that accepts H ions in aqueous solution
Molecules or ions that associate with water
Energy needed to raise 100 mL 1 degree Kelvin
Small repeating units in macromolecules
Monomer of proteins
Type of base that is component of nucleotides
Bonds or molecules with an unequal charge distribution
Attractive force binding same types of atoms
Type of bond between anions & cations
Substance of 2 or more different elements
Type of 3D protein structure from distal interactions
Monomer of many lipids
Type of fatty acid with all single bonds
Molecules found in living cells
Compounds formed solely from ionic bonds
Number of protons of an element
Substance that prevents dramatic changes in pH
Monomers of nucleic acids
Proteins acting as catalysts
Smallest unit of an element
Low concentration signaling molecules active throughout organisms
Adenosine triphosphate