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American Revolution

Chapter 7
At Valley Forge the soldiers lacked_______, resulting in bloody footprints
Commanding General of Continental Army
The battle of Charlestown was a_______for the Americans
A country that helps another country achieve a common goal.
Taught the Americans how to fight formal battles
Was known as the "soldiers' friend"
Citizen soldiers
Francis Marion's nickname
British General that surrendered at the Battle of Saratoga
Southern plantation owners feared letting slaves fight because of this
Two countries assisted the Americans: France and_____
These were mercenary soldiers paid by King George III
River George Washington crossed to attack the Hessians at Trenton
This battle was an American victory right after the Battle of Trenton
Frontiersmen that captured British outposts in the Great Lakes region
This battle was fought in South Carolina and was a victory for the Americans
The American Revolution was like a civil war because Americans were_______.
Put in charge of Continental Army in the south
Americans were defeated in New York at this battle
British Commanding General in the South
Where the Continental Army spent a brutal winter
People opposed to all wars
Last major battle of the American Revolution