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Chapter 19 Vocabulary

Shares of ownership a company sells in its business which often carry voting power
The use of money to benefit the community
Large railroads offered secret discounts to their biggest companies
Acquiring companies that provided the equipment and services needed to create a product
Overcrowded factories with poor lighting, bad air quality, and flammable materials
The combining of competing firms into the corporation
Cash payment from the corporations profits
People who replaces striking workers
Adopted a 4ft 8.5in as the width of the railroad track
Unions represent workers in bargaining with management
Organizations of workers with the same trade or skill
The practice of combining separate companies in the industry
Secret agreements among the railroad barons were called this
A group of companies managed by the same board of directors
A person who invests in a corporation by buying and selling stocks
A production system with machines and workers arranged so that each person performs an assigned task
A company that sold shares
Total control of an industry by a single producer
The production of large quantities of goods using machinery
A court order, used to stop railroad strike stating the union was "obstructing the railways and holding up the mails"
The combining of companies