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weather crossword puzzle

Frozen rain!
This is created when a cumulonimbus cloud storm is happening.
A funnel shaped cloud
When rain,High speed winds occur.
When the land starts to shake.
This happens after lightning
Air mass that rotates around a strong center.
Natural movement of the air.
When their is no water in a certain land.
Large waves that get bigger when getting close to shore.
Storms that happen in deserts.
These happen mostly in places that snow.
A mass of mud and other earthy material that is falling.
A natural disaster that has wind speeds between 74MPH and 157 MPH.
When land is getting to much water in streets.
A mass of snow, ice, and rocks falling rapidly down a mountainside.
When a volcano ''spits" it's lava out.
When the sea level rises.
Water falling from the sky
When it rains ice.
These are mostly in places like Hawaii.