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Grammar Terms

An exclamatory word that is not related to the other words in a sentence
Near to far, top to bottom, and right to left are things used to give descriptions
This is one of four steps in the writing process
Asks a question
Modifies a noun or pronoun
The main word or group of words in the complete subject
Joins words, phrases, or clauses
This section has encyclopedias, dictionaries, and atlases
Use this plus s to form the plural of letters, numbers, and signs
That part about which something is said
Answers where, when, how, how often, or to what extent
Person, place, thing, or idea
Shows sudden or strong feeling
Gives events in the order they occurred
Makes a statement
Enclose brief confirmatory information
Gives a command
Every sentence in a paragraph develops the idea stated in the topic sentence
These are used to indicate titles of short stories, short poems, songs, chapters, articles, and other parts of books or magazines.
Details are in such good order and the details are so clear that the paragraph is easy to understand
A word that shows how a noun or pronoun is related to some other word in the sentence
Used to indicate parenthetical elements that are emphatic or contain internal punctuation
Group words that express a complete thought
A word that shows action, links, helps , or indicates existence
When using "the catalog" in the library, you can search by this category