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Science Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: Poff
Imaginary line drawn through the center of a body
High tide that is higher than usual
Spin of a body on its axis
Moon's orbit closest to Earth
Outer area of a shadow
Motion of a body that travels around an other body
Eclipse that occurs when the Earth comes between the sun and the full moon
Swell of ocean water created by tides
Difference in levels of ocean at high and low tide
Eclipse that happens when a new moon comes between the sun and the Earth
First day of spring
When the Northern Hemisphere has its shortest day
The moon's orbit farthest from Earth
Natural or artificial object in space
When the Northern Hemisphere has the longest day
Phase of the moon when it's not visible
Inner area of a shadow
Different appearances of the moon
When the entire moon is visible
First day of autmn
Lowest level of the ocean between two high tides
Bulge in the ocean on the side facing the moon and on the opposite side