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DNA, Cell Division and Reproduction

Ex-P (Answer Key)
A type of reproduction in which only one parent reproduces
Two identical chromosomes that make up a duplicated chromosome
A new cell that forms from fertilization
The process of copying a DNA molecule
Cycle that most cells in an organism go through
A form of asexual reproduction in which offspring grow from a part of a parent plant
A type of asexual reproduction performed in a lab that produces identical individuals
The process during which a new organism grows on the body of its parent
Process during which the nucleus and its contents divide
A process in which an egg and sperm cell join
Male sex cell
Made of a nitrogen base, sugar, and a phosphate group
Cell division that creates two identical cells
The two new cells that result from mitosis and cytokinesis
Pairs of chromosomes that have genes for the same traits
A type of nucleic acid that carries the code for making proteins
A permanent change in the sequence of DNA
A pair of chromosomes
The process of making mRNA from DNA
Type of reproduction in which the genetic materials from two different cells combine
The process of making protein from RNA
A type of asexual reproduction that occurs when an offspring grows from a piece of its parent
Cells that have only one chromosome from each pair
A process in which one diploid cell divides and makes 4 haploid cells
Process during which the cytoplasm and its contents divide
Structure that holds sister chromatids together
Female sex cell
An organism's genetic material