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The Planet Mars in 2016

This matter reportedly is everywhere and it often takes the form of a storm.
This is the name of the largest volcano in the solar system; found on Mars, it is over twice the vertical height of Mount Everest.
Scientists believe that there once was this chemical compound on the surface of the planet, but now it may be either totally gone or hidden.
This object appears to anyone about half the size it does on Earth
On Mars, this force is 62.5% less than it is on Earth.
The name of the smallest of two moons that orbits Mars.
The name of one of the moons of Mars, its biggest, that also means "Fear" in Greek...
There have been at least this number of robotic missions from Earth to Mars, but only 18 of them have been successful.
This was the Roman god of war and it is also the name of the fourth planet in our solar system.
The last name of the writer who popularized the recent fictional story of an American astronaut who survives alone on the planet Mars.