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6th Grade Chapter 3: The Fertile Crescent Sections 1 - 3

To supply water to
Wide, flat plain in between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in present-day Iraq.
State containing several countries or territories.
A region with good conditions for growing crops that stretches from the Mediterranean coast through Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) to the Persian Gulf.
Mesopotamian system of writing that uses triangular-shaped symbols to stand for ideas or things. Uses wedge-shaped styluses to write in clay tablets.
Carved stone slab or pillar that stands on end.
Idea or way of doing things that is common in a certain culture.
Money that is used as a medium of exchange, usually bills or coins.
Trading system in which people exchange goods directly without using money.
Idea that all members of a society - even the rich and powerful - must obey the law.
Permanent army of professional soldiers.
Soldiers who fight while riding horses.
Worship of many gods and deities.
Independent state consisting of a city and its surrounding territory.
Brick, pyramid-shaped Mesopotamian temple.
A set of laws that governed life in the Babylonian empire. An eye for an eye type of law code.
Payment made to show loyalty to a stronger power.
Independent state that works with other states to achieve a shared military or political goal.