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Science - Chapter 6 - Genetics of Organisms

A test using high frequency sound waves sent through a mother's body
Father of Modern Genetics
An abnormal trait passed on through genes (2 words)
Red green colored blindness is an example of this type of trait (2 words)
Specific factors that an organism contains are called
A person who has an allele for a particular trait but does not exhibit the trait
This sex inherits more X linked disorders
The different forms of a gene for a particular trait are called
An organism with more than one alleles for the same trait
Roan cattle are an example of this condition in which two different dominant alleles for a single characteristic are both expressed
A diagram used to visualize genetic crosses (2 words)
A test to see how traits are inherited
This type of inheritance results in two or more genes producing a single trait
If an organisms has two alleles for a trait that are the same
Green eyes or white fur are examples of a
This type of letter is used to express an alleles dominant trait
The study of inheritance is called