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Cell Transport

When liquids enter a cell.
A cell swells
Diffusion of water through a cell membrane.
A cell shrinks
_____is a carbohydrate that needs to be transported by facilitated diffusion.
When solids enter a cell.
High to low concentration no energy needed.
_____proteins transport molecules by facilitated diffusion.
A solvent that can diffuse through the cell membrane.
This is a type of diffusion that requires no energy but uses carrier proteins.
This is a gas that can diffuse through the membrane.
Diffusion occurs until______is reached.
________membrane is another name for the cell membrane.
When molecules exit a cell. Requires ATP.
When an amoeba engulfs food.
This organelle makes ATP for the cell.
This transport needs no energy.
This transport needs energy.
A cell stays the same
Another name for energy.