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vocabulary section #3, activity #2

The time period of a virus
Virus, disease, starts with a p
A tool that starts with l
A virus, disease, ect.
Angrily, starts with a v
Acumen, ability starts with a g
An awkward swinging motion
Cleanup, disposal, starts with p
A form of mercury, the metal
A poor house that starts with the letter q
A sudden burst of wind, starts with s
People who ride horseback and rob people on a public rode
Vegetables, starts with a j
A small piece of luggage carried by hand and starts with a v
Ends with ous, and means foul-smelling
A blessing
Celebration, (PS, it looks like the word palm)
Persuading, starts with a c
Delivery, ends with rance
Mean, ferocious, starts with the letter v
A group of people brought together for common religious worship.
A piece of woman's clothing which starts with the letter s