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The American War of Independence Pt1

Unfair tax law that angered the colonists
American colonists who wanted America to be free from England's rule
A fight between angry colonists and British soldiers in which 5 colonists were killed
The writer of the Declaration of Independence
Document which stated the reason why American colonists wanted freedom from English rule
King of England at the time
money that people pay to help run the government
Commander in chief in the colonial army; called the "Father of His Country"
American colonists who remained loyal to England.
Lady said to have stitched together the first American flag.
German soldiers who were hired by the British to fight against American colonists.
The cruel killing of many people at one time
Man who warned the colonists of a British attack
Group of men who met before and during the war to decide what the colonies would do about England's unfair treatment
June 14 when Washington presented our country's new flag to congress.
A protest by American colonists who dumped over 300 chests of British tea into Boston Harbow
Person chosen by the people to make decisions for them
Soldiers who said they could be ready to fight at a minute's notice