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History of Europe Review

City that was divided by a wall after WWII
Proved the earth was round
Set up a trading post in Canada
Result of militarism and nationalism in the early 20th century
Sailed around the Cape of Good Hope
Hitler's occupation in 1933
The purpose of the League of Nations
What major event happened in 1917
Policy of obtaining and occupying colonies to form an empire
Which of the Allies refused to sign the Treaty of Verailles
Which island did Columbus land on and thought it was America
The first leader of the Soviet Union
Japan, Italy, and Germany
Which empire once controlled America
A factor that encouraged world exploration
Which country once controlled Canada
Hitler's political party
Great Britain, France, Russia, Serbia, and Belgium
Religion the explorers hope to spread
People persecuted during the Holocaust
Famous explorer for Spain
He funded many voyages and set up the first school of navigation
Treaty that forced Germany to accept blame for WWI
The country the Berlin Wall was built in
Set up a communist government in Russia