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To Kill A Mockingbird Crossword

Mother figure for the kids, she also bakes for them quite often
Man who lives in the strange house of Maycomb Alabama
Father, Lawyer who takes Tom Robinson's case
What scout was dressed up as at the school
Friend of the kids who visits them during the summer
Scouts teacher
Gossip person of the town
Black man who was accused of rape
Woman who accused Tom of raping her
Son of Atticus
Person who gives Atticus the case
What did Atticus shoot in the middle of the town
Narrator of the book, sister of Jem
Tom Robinson's boss
Mean old lady that lives near the Finch's.
"You can shoot all the jays and cardinals you want, but remember it is a sin the kill a (blank)"
Role model of the South, very traditional
Maid or nanny of the Finch house
City where the book takes place