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Snow Treasure

Helga _____ when the kids finished unloading the last bit of the gold.
In the town of Norway they found a _______ that could spread very fast
______ is Peter's sister
The Nazi soldiers ___ Norway.
Uncle Victor _________ a German soldier because he was spying on the children
Peter and his friends are hiding gold in the____.
Uncle Victor took Peter to ______ on the Cleng Pierson.
The ____ is where Peter hides the gold.
The German soldiers stole a _______ and put the owner in a jail cell
Per Garson had a feeling that there was going to be a _____ coming.
The Nazi soldiers made the Norwegian's have a ___
The Commandant wanted Peter to be his ________.
The German soldiers sent out a ______ that says the children must return to school.
What country is Peter and his family from
Helga thought someone was _____ on her while she was burying the gold