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To Kill a Mockingbird

What did Bob Ewell have to do to prove which hand he wrote with during the trial?
What did Jem have to leave behind at the Radley fence?
Who is the cook for the Finch's?
Who was the judge of the trial?
Who carried Jem from the schoolyard to his house after he was beaten up?
What were the children playing when Scout landed on the Radley lawn?
What was wrong with the dog on their street?
When did Dill visit?
What grade is Scout in when Miss Caroline is her teacher?
Who is the town gossip?
What did Mrs.Dubose send to Jem?
What did the black population do as Atticus left the court room?
Who was the hold up when the jury was deciding who was guilty?
Who is the book's narrator?
What type of group does Aunt Alexandra have come to the house?
How did Jem find his pants at the Radley place?
Where did the Finch Family have Christmas?
What is Dill's Aunt's name?
Who is the sheriff that comes when the rabbit dog shows up on their street?
Mayella Ewell's lawyer was...
How did Mayella feel in court?
WHo did Jem,Scout, and Dill sit with at the trial?
Atticus's sister's name is...
What caused Jem,Dill, and Scout to leave the Radley's back porch?
What was Tom Robinsons's wife's name?
Who was addicted to drugs?
Who's nickname was one-shot Finch?
Tom Robinson's left hand was...
The point of view is...
Who's house burned down?
Who does Jem invite to their house for lunch?
Where were the children when they were attacked?
What hand does Tom Robinson not use?
What happened in MAYCOMB that hadn't happened since 1885?
Where is the mob from that went to the jail?
During the 1930s, what was happening?
The book's setting is...
What is Boo Radley's real name?
What horrified Miss Caroline?
Atticus is a...
What did Jem teach Dill to do?