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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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"The European Renaissance"

Please actively read the clues below and fill in the correct answers in the word search below. 
This priest had a change of heart and no longer wanted to be a contributor of slavery anymore. Most historians argue that he is known as a "hypocrite" because he becomes Columbus's biggest critique on the enslavement of the Taino natives.
Humans have the tendency to settle near fresh bodies of ______ such as rivers so they can use the _____ to cook, bathe, and irrigate crops.
An inventor that helped to improve the printing press by desiging a structure called "movable type" (movable type made it possible for letters to be reused.)
The European ______________ was a time period where people were interested in exploring the world.
These Native Americans suffered a great deal of de-population postColumbus's arrival. The genocide was caused by the spreading of diseases from 1. European to their native land 2. Enslavement 3. Suicide
The first white European to be killed by Native Americans.
The first viking to reach North America in 1000AD
_______ is modern day Haiti & Dominican Republic.
The European Renaissance was a time period of prosperity in Europe because there was a focus on poetry, _____, architecture, literacy, and new ideas.
Many _______ in the 15th Century such as the compass, were used to help improve exploration.
The killing of a group of people based on race, ethnicity, or other cultural practices ("mass murdering")
On ______ 12th, 1492 Christopher Columbus lands in San Salvador.