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Science Vocabulary

Elements/Compounds & Physical/Chemical
It undergoes changes all the time.
Is a chemical reaction in green plants that produces energy and oxygen.
Is the process in which iron turns into iron oxide and is a result of a chemical change.
The ability of a substance to be rolled or pounded into various shapes.
The change that occurs when the substance doesn't change.
The ability to be stretched into a wire.
The law of conservation of ____ states that energy cannot be created or destroyed.
The result of a chemical reaction.
The number of atoms of an element in a molecule.
A type of mixture in which substances are spread throughout.
Attraction or repulsion between two objects.
Chemical changes occur at _____ speeds.
Is the chemical property describing how a substance burns.
What energy is conserved when gasoline is burned in the engine of a car?
Breaks easily
A substance made up of two or more different types of atoms (elements).
The law of conservation of ____ states that mass cannot be produced or destroyed.
Cooking , burning of wood , and digesting food are examples of this type of change.
This "table" organizes all of the known elements.