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Tree Girl Vocabulary Ch. 12 & 13 Worksheet Packet

To want something to happen
To eat or drink something
The group of people who control and make decision for a country, state etc.
The violent killing of many people
To use all of someone's mental or physical energy
The process of making products especially with machines in factories
An aircraft that can stay in the air without moving forward and that has metal blades that around on it's top.
The deliberate killing of people who belong to a political racial, political or cultural group
A child of your uncle or aunt
To show the image of (something) on a surface
A place where sick or injured people are given care or treatment where children or often born
Of or relating to soldiers or the armed forces
A small sild animal that is related to dogs and solves and that lives in North America
A group of people born and living during the some time
Involving possible injury, harm, or death