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Spelling November 28

Subject ________________ Name ____________
Teacher ______________________  Date______
A European herb related to the carrot with thick stems
A counting of the populations
A large city in the Midwest
Two piece garment worn for sleeping
An ornament of precious metal or stone worn as adornment
To make clear by using examples
A traveling group that puts on a variety of amusements
To praise or make known publicly
Usually great usually good
A building equipped for manufacturing
The day after today
Decoration that is rich but in good taste
A country whose ruler is a king or queen
To work or cause to work in a proper way
A shelter for automobiles
An amphibian that is covered in scales
An approximate calculation
A flammable liquid
The amount of moisture in the air
A brief public notice
A warm sunny place
A private performance or practice session
A small tropical bird