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Snow removal

The priority for snow removal is that _____is open by 7 am.
After securing his manager's ______ to validate, he will turn into HR.
The snowfall bonus is in effect when employee arrives _____ to 6 am.
Those that run the snowplows will receive a $250 bonus in their ______ per snowfall.
_______ employees will receive time and a half for running the snow blower or shoveling outside of regular hours.
One _____ per snowfall.
The employee with snowplow duty will ______ his name, arrival time, and date on a paper.
There needs to be a _______ present during the snowplowing for safety reasons.
Only the employee operating the____ ____ receives the bonus.
The lot managers will have ____ to access the building and will be responsible for locking the dealership once everyone has clocked and started the snow removal.