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Speech Vocabulary Chapters 1-2

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How your audience perceives you
Self confidence
The feeling you have when you believe you are capable of handling a situation successfully
Directed energy that can inspire an audience
A warm, congenial, likeable attitude
Type of communication transmitted between 2 or more people
Labeling every person in a group based on a preconceived idea
One who transmits a message
When a person is usually afraid to speak in public situations
The person who intercepts the message then decodes it
Person who delivers a speech or uses words effectively
Anything that stands for an idea and is used for communication
A persistent, irrational fear
Communication expressed through attitudes or moods
A need or desire that causes a person to act
The reactions that the receiver gives to the message offered by the sender
The relevant message of a speech
How you see things
A sincere understanding of feelings, thoughts, and motives of others
A point or situation at which differing parties can agree or empathize with each other
The logical format and sequence of a speech
What is sent or said
Willingness to spend time and effort to practice and develop a skill
The art of public speaking (same as rhetoric)
Conducting an inner dialogue with yourself
Ideas of a speech that act as a memory springboard
A person's sense of right and wrong
Any communication that is spoken
Any communication that must be read