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Mr. Bena's Vocabulary Crossword

the movement of weathered material by wind, water, or ice
the bouncing back of light rays from a surface
process by which weathered and eroded material is deposited by wind, water, and ice
energy generated for heat and electricity using the power of falling water or water moving through a dam
energy from the Sun in the form of heat and light
a push or pull that can change the position and / or motion of an object / material
a force that acts in an opposite direction to movement
the ability to do work
energy for from heat found deep inside the Earth’s surface
process by which exposed rock is broken down by rain, frost, wind, or other elements of weather
the force that pulls objects toward each other
the act of applying force in order to move something away
natural resources that are used up at a rate faster than they can be replaced
the bending of light as it moves through one medium into another
energy generated from the movement of air
energy produced by vibrations