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Chemical Compound Crossword

Used in pressure gauges(silicon dioxide)
Used to clean pools(HCl )(two words)
Used by dentists to ease your pain(dinitrogen oxide)(two words)
Used to write on a chalk board(Calcium Carbonate)
You can pour it into your bath water to sooth an achy body(MgSO4)(two words)
(Calcium Sulphate)(three words)
Used in paint remover(methyl alcohol )
Used to make concrete(CaO )
Used as an anaesthetic(CHCI3)
Used to build castles at the beach(Silicone Oxide)
Used to make plaster(CaSO4.2 H2O )
Used in alcoholic beverages(C2H5OH)
Household spice, goes with pepper(NaCl )
Used to whiten clothing(NaClO)
Used in pencils we write with(C)
A homeopathic remedy(
Used to demolish buildings, it makes a loud bang(Tri Nitro Toluene)
Used to make your clothes brighter(Na2B4O7·10H2O)
Used to treat heartburn(Mg(OH)2 )(three words)
Used in toothpaste to clean your teeth(Sodium Bicarbonate)(two words)
Used as a solvent(ethanol)(two words)
Used as a refrigerant(CF2Cl2 )
Used in film developing(Na2S2O3)
Makes your desserts sweet(Sucrose)
Used to make soap(sodium hydroxide)
Used in water treatment(Sodium Chloride)(two words)
Used to make smoke in special effects(CO2)(two words)
Used to brighten clothes in the laundry(Borax).
Used in soil to promote plant growth(potassium carbonate )
Often used in counter tops(calcium carbonate )