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A Thanksgiving fruit-filled dessert
An essential grain in the New World diet
The ship that carried the Pilgrims to America
The person we thank Ps 9:1
Religious people who left the Church of England and came to America
This causes thanksgiving to overflow 2 Co 4:15
A big meal
Give thanks in all _____________
Literally, people traveling on a religious journey
A long line of people celebrating in the street
Thanksgiving food that can be mashed or baked
The country from which the Pilgrims came
The Indian tribe that was present at the first Thanksgiving
President to announce the first Thanksgiving holiday in 1863
One reason the Pilgrims came to America was because of _______ trials.
The symbol of abundance used in decorating
The fourth Thursday of November
Be thankful in __________ Phil 4:6
We thank God for his ____ Ps 107:8-9
Religious people who stayed with the Church of England after breaking from the Roman Catholics
Enter his _____with thanksgiving Ps 100:4
The Indian who taught the Pilgrims many things
The season in which Thanksgiving Day falls
The eleventh month of the year
The first village established by the Pilgrims
The traditional holiday bird
A large orange vegetable
People to whom you are related