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Christmas puzzle

Author: Chip
Ornament on a gift to make the gift pretty.
Priest who was father to John the Baptist
Precious metal given to Jesus at birth
Place that had no room for Jesus
Jesus mother
First men to know of Christ's birth
Mary's cousin who was 6 months pregnant when Mary conceived.
What you get if you are not good
People who told Herod where the Christ should be born
Incense given to Jesus at birth
Middle name of John the Baptist
Where the shepherds were abiding
The guide for the wise men
The number of days of Christmas as per the song
Country to which Joseph took his family for safe keeping
Mary's status which caused her to question her ability to conceive
Color of day after Thanksgiving
What you have to be to get presents
Plant which represents Christmas
What Santa drives
What we give to family and friends to show love
The messengers of God to announce Messiah's birth
Town where Jesus was born
The stated reason for the wise men's visit
Joseph's occupation
Man who ordered all the young children killed
Joseph's home town
Place where Mary delivered Jesus
Supposed number of wise men
One of the gifts given to Jesus