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thanksgiving crossword puzzle

By 1845, NYC established this to keep the peace
This movement placed an emphasis on sincerity and feeling
A turkey is a funny bird, his head goes wobble wobble. All he knows is just one word, _____, ______, _______
Sold down the _______
White people feared this so they made a lot of restrictive laws in the South.
When one party had control over the city and traded favors for votes, it was called a _______
Invention that made slavery stay around for a long time
This group questioned religious and business practices and valued individuals over institutions
A __________ of cotton contained 500 pounds!
Catholics began to set up their own schools because they experienced _____ in the public schools
This political party was formed in response to the influx of Catholics and immigrants in general
This guy brought the plans for textiles factories over to the US in his head!
The price of slaves went up as cotton became in high demand
Inventor of the steamboat
An Indian word for corn
There was income __________ then too -- In 1840, the top 1% of the population owned about 40% of the nations wealth.
The North didn't need slaves because they had _________
Most Irish only settled in New York but the Germans ventured west to states like ______________
Twelve million people in the South, how many were slaves by 1860
Revolution relating to roads, canals, etc.
The two groups that came over to the United States from Europe in the 1820s and 1830s were the Irish and the ________
Who was blamed as disease spread in the slum areas?
By the 1830s, there is a proliferation of _____________ to press for worker rights
___________ segregation refers to separating people by geography.
Union workers were happy when they could secure a _____ hour work day
Aka the peculiar institution
Revolution relating to the economy
Although slavery was legal in the south, only ______ percent of white people owned slaves
The number of children that women had went _____ after the industrial revolution
True or false? Black income was $91 per year while the overall population's was $892
Site of the factory in Massachusetts where many young girls came to work