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American Revolution


Washington used __________ tactics in fighting the British because he had less men
This perspective reasoned that there was something absurd about a continent being ruled by an island
This perspective reasoned that a war would be disruptive to law and business
The Continental Congress had to flee this city once the Delaware froze over.
This peaceful letter was sent to King George III in hopes that he would come to a peaceful agreement with the continental congress.
Thomas Paine wrote this in order to convince the colonists to separate from Britain
This perspective reasoned that the colonists needed the British Empire for protection
This victory of Washington's was able to keep the war effort going after he had lost most of his army in New York
This battle was a turning point because it convinced the French to enter the war.
A ________ is a foreign individual who fights for profit
These were Prussian (German) mercenaries
This battle convinced the British public that the war was no longer worth it.
Which cause influenced the declaration's segment on god-given rights?
When Washington first took command he found the army to be inexperienced and ___________
These rights are rights that you are born with
This is where Washington had a Prussian train his troops for the winter
The battle of ________ resulted in the British escaping to New York city
The Fort that supplied Henry Knox and Washington with artillery,
Who retreated from Boston?
The battle of Bunker hill resulted in a defeat for the ________.
Wrote the declaration of Independence
Washington attacked Trenton on ___________.
All _____ are created equal.
If government does not support the people then the people can alter or ______ it.
True or false: Washington allowed African Americans to fight in the continental army when the war began