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Government Vocabulary

Derives from 2 greek words demos=common people and kratos=rule;therefore fundamentally democracy means the rule of the common people, or in Abraham Lincoln's terms is government "for the people, by the people, and of the people."
Ensures that any accused person has an opportunity to confront his or her accusers and provides a defense
The idea that citizens should have the ability to directly participate in their own government by voting and running for public office.
The idea that a people can vote, and even vote to replace their lawmakers, was not a new idea except in the american colonies.
A set of established rules or accepted norms of conduct in people's relationships with other individuals, organizations, and institutions.
The idea that every person has the same rights and responsibilities under the law
The refusal to obey certain laws, regulations, or requirements of a government because on believes those laws to be detrimental to the freedom/right of the people to exercise government-guaranteed personal and civil liberties. in principle, it is the nonviolent steps taken to resist/refuse to obey the law.
The idea that people should be free to persue their own paths, even to the extent of making their own mistakes
Is the ideal that the law applies not only to the governed but also to the government.This core value gives authority to the justice system, which grants citizens protection from the government by requiring that any accusation of a crime be proved by the government before the person is punished.