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Characteristics of the Renaissance and Reformation

a division into political and religious factions.
The language of everyday speech in a particular region. Ex: Italian/French/German
An individual state consisting of a city and its surrounding territory.
member of the middle class who lived in a city or town
Not religious or Holy pertaining to worldly things.
A person with many talents or area of knowledge. (Leonardo De Vinci)
an intellectual movement of the Renaissance based on the study of the humanities, which included grammar, rhetoric, poetry, moral philosophy, and history. (Characteristics of BLANK include anatomy, classicism, nature, realism, reason and learning, religion, individualism, youth, and perspective).
The art of painting on fresh, moist plaster with pigments dissolved in water
: The catholic church attempting to correct church abuses to win back protestants.
exclude from a church or a religious community. (churches response to Martin Luther)
Its major premise was that every existing thing in the universe had its "place" in a divinely planned hierarchical order.
The buying and selling of spiritual things and church positions.
Opinions that contradict the church.
A person who supports the arts or other activities by supplying money to them.