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Revolutionary War

General of the British Army
The allies of the Colonists during the revolutionary war
Army that was made up of colonist
This war was between the British, and the American colonies to fight for freedom battles occurred from 1775-1783
This was an advantage of the colonist enabling them to communicate better and know the terrain
This treaty was signed in 1778 and stated that France was to remain an enemy of Britain until America gained independence.
A major advantage of the colonist that unified them
Commander of the Continental Army
This battle surrounded the British by land and sea forcing them to surrender in 1781
In the battle of Brandywine Creek, what did the British capture?
The purpose of this battle was to isolated New England by capturing New York
The bloodiest battle to take place prior to the signing of the Declaration
This treaty was signed 1783, and it confirmed Americas independence from Britain
The river Washington crossed to reach Trenton, New Jersey
Considered a win for the colonists, this battle took place on two dates, September 9th and October 7th, 1777.